Designing wearable? Could be my thing!

So, we had this wonderful seminar on wearables and bodystorming 2 days back. I must say this, designing wearables was way harder than I expected.  We were divided into 3 groups, each given a task to design a wearable for a certain type of profession we voted for. We chose wearable design for a weather forecaster and designed a colour changing necktie and a ring to control the weather visualizer screen. Although, it wasn’t my design that caught my eye! It was another group’s design. They designed wearables for a group of dancers so that they could have a better synchronization and rhythm while dance performances. Here’s me testing out their low-fi prototype!


Ain’t I lookin’ handsome!? Well, the point is, I liked this quite a lot! Since dance is my thing for a long time now, this certainly looks quite interesting to me. This could be just my thing! Now, I feel I can modify my project research a little bit and divert it to this direction.


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