I want to make a music instrument!!!

My never-ending love for music is constantly inspiring me to work on the development of a new music instrument. But what I am thinking is I want it without a tangible interface. I want to music instrument to mimic other music instruments using the gestures we use to play them. So I have started researching on this. The first thing I have come across is Virtual Air Guitar. (link below)


Virtual Air Guitar

Although I am really not interested in using camera-based technology since it’s so cliché. I am still researching on this. But all I am finding is gestural instruments based on camera-tracking technology.

Here’s another interesting thing I found on youtube. Gestural instruments demo! This one is based on a joystick, using of microphone and strings. It’s pretty cool though. Pretty cool! Check this link below.

Gestural Instrument Design Demo by Jenn Kirby

Well, it’s a start. Let’s see where this goes. I feel it definitely is going somewhere!


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