#Covfefe : A visual artwork of Donald Trump using his tweets via Twitter API


This project presents the integration of data-streaming elements and use of the received data from a real-time data source using ‘Java’ language and explores the nature of data to be presented as a visual artwork. This project represents the use of data in a different way to create aesthetically pleasing visuals using image processing tools on processing 3.

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Mobile Application Design. Done!

So, mobile application design was the first module of this semester to come to an end. Our team, Team MVP (Craig, Me, Sreeju and Manoj) presented our mobile app Inflate before the class today. We presented our beta prototype and talked about the observations, feedbacks from our focus group and our plan for monetization of the app.


This was a really fun and learning experience with the guys! Cheers Team MVP!

Thesis Pitch Presentation

After a lot of research, crying and dancing, I finally came up with a proper topic for my thesis and presented it today. I have a feeling both my thesis guide and Gabriela were quite satisfied with whatever I presented and I got a green flag to continue whatever I am doing. So, here is the presentation.

Urban Games Seminar! Now this was fun!

Yesterday was my group’s turn to conduct a seminar on Urban Games. I, along with Maja and Sreeju. In the presentation, we essentially covered the history of urban games and how they came into existence, the types of urban games, how gaming can be serious and educational, the future prospects of urban gaming and the urban games in popular culture right now. Continue reading “Urban Games Seminar! Now this was fun!”


Easter holidays have ended and with this, we have entered into the final phase of second semester, the submissions phase! With so many deadline coming up in the next few weeks and so much work to do, I am under quite a lot of stress right now. Thankfully, I dedicated my last 3 days to do some solid research and there goes, I have a clear idea of what I am going to do. Continue reading “SO. MUCH. WORK. SO. MANY. DEADLINES.”

It’s been 5 days into Easter Holidays week. I have made no progress!

The easter holiday week has been the best week in terms of weather that I have experienced in Ireland so far. It’s very warm, sunny and hardly raining. This weather is forcing me to stay out of my house the whole day playing cricket with my friends and enjoying evenings roaming around. But now, I am a bit tensed up. Continue reading “It’s been 5 days into Easter Holidays week. I have made no progress!”